September 20

RONLINE ’21 to Shed Light on Remote Online Notarization

RONLINE ’21 is a free, live online event starting Monday, October 11th at 11:45 am EST. The event will continue until 5 pm EST each day ending on Friday, October 15th.

This completely virtual summit is designed for notaries, but more specifically remote online notaries.

As remote online notarization (RON) has become legal in the majority of the United States, there remain many questions that surround the subject.

First and foremost, “What RON platforms should I use?” Thirteen companies will demonstrate their RON platforms over five days and will help notaries pick and choose with confidence.

Digital certificates, e-seals, electronic signatures, RON marketing and security…it’s hard to figure it out and keep it all straight.

RONLINE ‘21 is devoted to getting your questions answered, not only by veteran remote online notaries, but by industry experts and company owners as well.

The opportunity to network with your peers and have some fun at the same time doesn’t come along very often. RONLINE ’21 promises you an exciting forum to get your questions about RON answered and then some.

I’m John Holder, the founder of and Dean of RON University, and I’m hosting the RONLINE ’21 on the Notary.Events site. Yeah, confusing I know. Come along anyway, and I’ll guide you through all twenty-five (25) sessions.

The event is free, live and each days’ session will stay posted until the start of the next day.

If you can’t make every session, it’s OK we understand and we have your back. Just purchase the All-Access Pass and you’ll be able to watch all 25 sessions at your convenience.

And if you can’t wait until October 11th to get started, we’re offering a sweet 33% discount on lifetime access to RON University.

So that’s three things:

  • Register for RONLINE ’21. Seriously, don’t miss it.
  • Purchase the All-Access Pass. Why? Because who has five hours to sit around and watch videos all day? OK, maybe don’t answer that question lol!

  • Enroll in RON University. Why not? Tuition will never be this low and you’ve been wanting to get started with remote online notarization anyway. This is the turbo-charged version of RON education. Let’s go!

Oh yeah, I forgot one thing – my DJ ensures me that he will have you out of your chair and waving your hands in the air. With no cares even!

Sound like fun?! Now you know why we say Notary Events is like a party, only better!


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