September 20

Top 10 Reasons to Attend RONLINE ’21

Let’s face it, remote online notarization is hot. It’s the modern way to verify the authenticity of a digital signature. You can use it to help people in far-flung places, and it's also a great way to quickly and securely sign documents.

So, if you're interested in becoming an "e-notary" or just getting started, you'll really want to attend RONLINE '21. Because, sure all the cool kids are doing RON, but the smart ones are profiting from it.

Some will present, many will attend.


Check out the top 10 reasons you'll want to register for this free, online event.

1. Free to attend

No excuses here friends! Free is always in the budget. Each day of RONLINE ’21 will feature five (5) total hour-long presentations and at least two RON platform demonstrations.

If you’re not able to attend all the sessions, probably because you’re out breaking your back signing off on refinances, no worries, we have your back with an all-access pass. All sessions will be recorded and transcribed and be available for one week after the event.

2. Network with speakers and other participants through break-out sessions and live chat

Come and hobnob with the big wigs under the big top (it’s a logo reference, get it?!).

You can rub elbows with the industry’s biggest and brightest. They’ll represent all the different aspects of RON and will be glad to help you move your business forward.

3. Live Q&A with industry experts

When you attend as a live participant, which we highly recommend, you’ll have a chance to ask questions related to the topic.

YouTube videos don’t talk back, but our distinguished guests certainly will respond to whatever’s keeping you up at night. Take advantage of this huge opportunity and find several different ways to move your remote online notary business forward.

4. Opportunities to learn more about RON and online technology

Do you have time to check thirteen (13!) different websites each day and find out what’s new with a RON platform? Neither do we!

But, at RONLINE ’21, RON platform features, benefits and pricing will be discussed. Do you know what a roadmap is? Your mind may be picturing a large piece of paper with shapes, colors and words on it that will never fold up the same way twice.

Forget that, we’re talking about a technology roadmap. Find out what the future holds for the companies that are on the forefront of RON technology. It’s ok if your heart’s beating a little fast now, that’s how awesome this RON stuff is!

5. Swag, Giveaways, Bingo

We’re lining up sponsors with great synergy. That’s a big word that means we share a love of remote online notarization. What’s so great about our sponsors, besides their generous contributions, is that it will allow us to transform an event into an experience! You can increase your chances of winning by sharing our event. Just stay tuned – more details will follow and we’ll make it dirt simple for you to forward…to your sister-in-law Nancy who keeps bugging you about how you’re making all that money with a notary stamp!

6. Mystery RON Platform #1

You won’t want to miss any day of RONLINE ’21, but on Friday we will be breaking news about a brand new remote online notarization platform that is designed with the notary, first and foremost, in mind.

So, if the word “notary-centric” excites you like it does us, be sure and get a seat for Friday. You’ll need to sit down and compose yourself for this session.

7. Mystery RON Platform #2

As if getting the scoop on one brand new RON platform wasn’t enough, we will unveil a second company that promises to make a huge splash in the notary community.

To say this will be a legit, large player in the RON space is not an understatement. Don’t believe us? See you on Friday!

8. Private Facebook Group

We recently conducted a private poll of notaries and the number one item on their wish list was (you guessed it) more notary Facebook groups! Can you believe it? No?!

That’s because we made that part up and it’s probably the last thing the world needs. Haha, BUT, this group…it’ll be different – informative, but witty. Sassy, but not so much that we’ll get a backhand lol!

In THIS GROUP, you’ll be able to stay up with all things remote online notary and we promise to keep you posted about all the other news we’ll be breaking! (See #7 & #8 above!)

9. All-Access Pass

Most people have to work. Kudos to you if you booked your vacation for the same week as RONLINE ’21, but it’s going to be hard to attend every session live.

You won’t want to miss any of them. Otherwise, how are you going to be able to find out what RON platforms you want to use?

We have your back. Introducing the All-Access pass which will allow you to watch all 25 sessions at your convenience. If you want to learn about RON from soup to nuts, then the All-Access Pass is truly a no-brainer.

Thirteen platform demos, twelve presentations on important RON topics…so, yeah, 25 video presentations with the option to add written and audio transcripts and a few other bonuses you’ll want to check out!

10. Finally, you’ll have enough information to decide exactly which RON platforms are a best fit for you.

This is the $64,000 question in our industry. Which RON platforms make sense for me?

As a remote online notary, or a person interested in becoming one, you need to know what companies have the features and benefits you need, the pricing you prefer and the security you demand.

Laundry and dishes can wait. Don’t take a nap. And tell the kids to go outside and play.

Don’t blow this chance to gain an incredible amount of knowledge and perspective on this emerging and trending industry.

These companies have come together for one week to show us what they have. The planets have aligned. Don’t delay – register today!


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