Don't Miss a Moment of RONLINE '21

RONLINE '21 takes place online beginning Monday, October 11th at 11:45 am EST. If you can't make all the sessions, five each day, then you'll want to purchase the All-Access Pass. We'll record all 25 sessions and provide you a workbook to keep track of them. Special bonuses are included to boost your productivity before, during and after the event.

what you get

What comes with the RONLINE '21 All-Access Pass?

You’ll receive copies of all available presentations in pdf form and all sessions in video format. We’re even throwing in a couple of bonuses that will really boost your productivity, not only throughout the event, but long after as well! All materials and bonuses will be made available until the end of the year. That’s by design so you’ll take action and execute your plan. 


You've been curious for a while now as to what remote online notarization is all about. And you especially want to know what RON platforms are recommended. 

Gain access to video recordings of each session where you'll see RON platform demonstrations and learn from industry experts. 

Whether or not your a RON rookie or veteran fully digital e-notary, there's something here for you.


Not everybody learns the same way. Some people do better retaining knowledge by reading.

Others prefer to learn by hearing the spoken voice. There are even people who recommend doing you retain the most information if you listen while you're reading. 

We have you covered. Just flip on the Transcriptions option upgrade on the order page and you'll receive professional written and recorded transcriptions of every session.


What good is all this knowledge going to do you if you don't take any action? 

The All-Access Pass bonuses are designed to help you get organized and get the word out. 

If you're looking for a way to dominate the last quarter of this year and continue doing so in 2022, then go ahead and purchase the pass. You won't regret it.

It'll be the action-takers who reap the rewards of this event.

The 21st-Century Way of the Notary Public is Here, Finally!

It's time to get your RON on! If you're just getting started as a notary or a veteran e-notary, RONLINE '21 will be the place to be come mid-October. A free, virtual summit, it's designed especially for remote online notaries and those interested in becoming one. In order to take full advantage of the opportunity, make sure you don't miss one second of one session by purchasing the RONLINE '21 All-Access Pass

About the Host

Hello, I'm John Holder, the founder of and the Dean of RON University. I'll be your guide here at Notary Events as we provide notaries with free, live educational, informative and fun events. Our first event, RONLINE '21 is designed specifically for remote online notaries and people interested in the topic. I'm putting together the All-Access Pass so you'll be able to get the best possible return on your investment. 

If you have any questions about remote online notarization, RONLINE '21 or the All-Access Pass, please reach out to me and I'll be glad to help.

Don't Delay - Get the RONLINE '21 All-Access Pass Today!

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