I'd like to say thanks to Sue Hope for being so kind and generous and easy to work with! There's no way I could pull off RONLINE '21 without your help! Please check out her software and the prizes that she's graciously donated for our event. 

On Friday, we'll reveal which registrant will win One Year Free Year of NotaryAssist Accounting services (a $95.00 value)!

NotaryAssist allows users to customize many fields for your unique business. Let us know if you need any help getting NotaryAssist all set up for you.


Also on Friday, one lucky #RONLINE21 registrant will receive one month free, of each, of our new NotaryAssist Marketing Bundle!

(*You do not need to be a NotaryAssist Accounting user to get this Marketing Platform)

1 Month Free of our New SEO NotaryAssist Listings platform ($25.00 value) Get FOUND online in your area!

1 Month Free of our New NotaryAssist Reviews platform ($25.00 value) Increase your Reviews to help you get CHOSEN for work!

KC Mobile Notary | Integrity Notary Journal

A notary never leaves home without their journal - especially the Integrity Notary Journal

The Integrity Notary Journal takes out the intimidation and confusion of keeping a notary journal, and replaces it with inspired confidence. If you want to put your signers at ease, which grows your business, then pick up the journal that Clyde Heppner of KC Mobile Notary put together with notaries in mind.

The Integrity Notary Journal works perfectly for general notary work, estate planning and loan signings, even, yep you guessed it - remote online notarization (as you'll see in Clyde's presentation on Monday)! 

Thanks so much for sponsoring Clyde, it's been a pleasure to work with you!

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